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Ransomware threat to WordPress

I’ve had the dubious pleasure of having seen a server affected by ransomware. It was a Window’s server used for hosting websites and became crippled with very limited functionality after the attack. Fortunately there were backups, though that’s the moment when you find out that certain things weren’t being backed up like one specific MySQL database, no idea why and too late to be able to find out. Anyway, it took a few days but all websites were successfully migrated onto a new web server and thankfully not much data was lost. Now a similar threat is emerging for WordPress websites (read the full story here: and it’s a good time to evaluate whether you run any kind of security on your WordPress website, how secure your host or server is, and whether you have up to date backups (with no data missing).

Please see the article for an excellent and in-depth resource about ransomware.

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