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Avoid this scam aimed at web developers/designers!

It’s not often you hear about scams targeting web developers/designers but I recently came across this one https://l3ostudios.com/lessons-independent-contractor-lesson-2-avoid-scammers/. You would think that scammers might want to stay clear of anyone involved in our industry as we’re more likely to be “web savvy” than others. The great thing about this case is that the person being scammed was savvy enough to realise a problem and was also able to play the scammer.

I haven’t had too many calls along the lines of “we’re calling from Microsoft and your computer has notified us of a problem…” lately, and I always play along when I do because their time deserves to be wasted for conning innocent people out of their hard earned money. I do get the odd text or email claiming my “apple account/some account somewhere is limited, please click here..” or similar to this but gmail is very good at putting those types of emails directly into spam and I delete the texts. It doesn’t mean that I or others won’t get caught out, especially as scammers are having to come up with new tactics all the time, and the unfortunate thing about the internet is that it makes it easier for them. A lot of people earn their living from the internet, but at least I earn my living from the internet in a legal and reputable way. And should any scammers be reading this, no, I do not take credit cards so don’t even bother…

One thought on “Avoid this scam aimed at web developers/designers!

  1. Thanks for re-posting. I actually kept stringing along the scammer more over the past week. Even recorded our phone conversations, texts and emails then reported him to the FBI and Secret Service. Ha! Hopefully they get this guy and show scammers not to mess with web developers.

    I’ll let you know when part II is posted.
    Good luck with your business btw.

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