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Smart developers use Google

This may sound controversial to some but I firmly believe that smart developers won’t bother to memorise functions in their language (PHP) for me. Apart from it being a hell of a lot to remember, you can’t always guarantee you’ve remembered it correctly. It may have also changed (or been deprecated) in a newer version of your language and you’re remembering the older version and a quick jog of the memory can save issues in the long run.

That’s not to say I look up every single function of course, I do use some direct from memory, but if I can’t remember the name of a function or I’m not sure what function to use, I google it which invariably leads me onto stack overflow (how did we get by before stack overflow?!). And here comes the point of this post, there are a lot of smart people on stack overflow (and the web of course). A lot smarter than me. So every time I look up a function, even if it’s a simple one, I quite often come away having learned something as those smart and smarter people happen to also like sharing their wealth of knowledge. There’s always a better way to do something and it’ll often be the case that you’ll come across these methods while looking up a function. Hopefully if you’re smart enough you’ll be able to filter out the bit so smart answers from the not so smart people, and if you can then you’re one of the smart ones 🙂

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