October 14, 2016 level13 No comments

Smart developers use Google

This may sound controversial to some but I firmly believe that smart developers won’t bother to memorise functions in their language (PHP) for me. Apart from it being a hell of a lot to remember, you can’t always guarantee you’ve remembered it correctly. It may have also changed (or been deprecated) in a newer version […]

October 8, 2016 level13 No comments

Scan credit cards in IOS

Something that has passed me by until now is the ability to scan a credit card from an iPhone in IOS 8 and above. It saves a user having to enter all of that information as they can scan the card providing it’s right in front of them. So how can you make sure your […]

October 7, 2016 level13 No comments

Are your forms discouraging secure passwords?

I signed up for an account on a website today, nothing unusual about that but the signup form highlighted something of a problem – password restriction. I had attempted to signup with a password of 20 characters and I got back an error telling me the password field is limited to 12 characters. Say whaaaaat? […]

October 3, 2016 level13 No comments

Don’t forget yourself

There is a stereotype when it comes to developers and that is they spend hours locked away in a dark, forgotten place, beavering away at endless lines of code and not seeing the light of day or another human being for weeks upon end. For some this may not be that far from reality but […]